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Xilisoft iPhone Magic 5.7

Xilisoft iPhone Magic is an all-in-one iPhone manager program
5.7.7 (See all)

Xilisoft iPhone Magic is a complete suite for the management of your iPhone. It allows you to backup your phone by copying songs and movies off of it and onto your computer and it also allows you to put content on your phone from your computer, such as songs and movies. Xilisoft iPhone Magic requires iTunes to detect your phone properly. At least in my case it did. Without iTunes my phone wasn't detected.

There are three tasks that you can do with Xilisoft iPhone Magic. First, you can copy songs and movies from and to your phone. Second, you can rip an entire DVD or a part of it to a video file that you can then copy onto your phone. And third, you can convert pretty much any video file into a format playable by the iPhone. Most of the files that you convert for the iPhone will be playable on an array of other Apple products, such as the AppleTV, iPad and the iPod lineup.

In my testing, I was able to get my phone detected and copy songs from and to it. I also tested the video converter and found it was very good. It supported all the formats that I tested and the files it converted kept the quality pretty much intact.

José Fernández
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